Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

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  Mission Statement

     Years ago mentioning a ghost or spirit in your house was taboo. Today with all of the paranormal shows and movies it is more the rage to have a haunted location.  We want to help people that feel threatened in their homes, or businesses, or have unexplained situations happening to them.  We will come to your location for a pre-investigation interview to find out what activity you are having and get any background information you might have. Then together we will set up a game plane to help you.  As in all investigations, there is no fee involved. With five years of investigating experience, we have formed this group to benefit our clients.  If you are just curious about what is happening at your location we will use all of our tools to help get you answers.  If you, a family member, a friend, or employees are in fear, we will take the necessary steps to calm those fears. There are a few cleansing and blessing techniques that can be done, and if we have to take it to a greater power...... so be it!!!!   We are here to help you.