Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

1st Session....

Corey and Al on monitors.

Tami, Earl, Paul, and Sondra in separate areas. Watch for more coming soon......

Sondra has a chuckle in her digital recorder. She said it is a deep mannish type chuckle. The temp pod went off several times and the periscope had also went off. We have noticed that the dog has been watching something. We have been in contact with our psychic/medium. He was having a hard time picking up on anything. He feels that the "shadow man" is trying to keep him from seeing what is going on. He says that he is doing a really good job of it to. Let’s see if the next session brings anything new.

2nd Session,

On the monitors Sondra and Paul

Bedroom/Living room - Corey and Earl

Tami and Al in the family room

During the break we have seen the temp pod go off and the periscope has also gone off.  Al has started felling tingles across the neck. Things may be picking up for this second session. 

     So. Here is something I did not mention. The lady of the house seems to get the most activity. She has not been home. She has just arrived which brings us to this break and update. Corey and Earl were in the bed room. The temp had dropped a little bit in the room. When that had happened our trigger item (a bear with an alarm in it) went off. Nobody was around it. Things seemed to calm down a bit so we decided to move to the living room. As I (Corey) stood up I felt cool air around my ankle. There aren't any vents under the bed. I am wearing blue jeans. Earl took pictures. We have not reviewed them to see if we have caught anything. While out in the living room, Earl felt a coolness around him. I did snap a few pics’, but have not had a chance to review them yet to see if we can find anything. Al said that the K-2 meter went off while nothing was around it. Now that the lady of the house is home we hope that things may pick up a bit, but first....... Snack time. I was told there are pizza rolls! Stay tuned for session three!

     Tami has to get up and work in the morning. During our break she decided that is was time for her to get home. As she was getting ready to walk out the door, one of our gauges went off. This gauge will read static electricity and it will light up and move in the direction the entity is moving.  The lights lit up from one side to the other, then back.

On to session three…

On the monitors –  Sondra and Earl
Living room – Corey and Paul
Kids room – Al and Lady of the house

     As the third session started, I walked out into the kitchen and one of our alarms sounded off. I came back to see what may have triggered it. We were unable to see anything that could have caused it to go off. As I walked out and into the kitchen, the alarm went off again. We debunked any paranormal activity on this. It is a motion sensor. It was picking up on me walking past it. It apparently has some good range on in. This sensor is in a whole other room than I was, but still had a clear shot when I walked past the door. In that same room we can see what looks like an imprint of a hand or knee on the edge of the bed.
     Paul and I did not seem to have any kind of activity, but we did catch a strange very very slow moving orb in the living room.  I talked with Al and he said that everything was as quiet as could be.
     This is the life we live. Sometimes the entities do not want make themselves known to others. Sometimes it takes them a bit of time to feel us out, and see what we are doing. Then every now and then there are some that are all about making themselves known.
     This will conclude our updates for tonight. If there is anything else significant to take place, we will update then. We will go through all of our pictures, video, and recordings to see if we were able to get any evidence to confirm what this family has been feeling.

Thank you for following us tonight,