East Toledo House Continued

Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

  Most of the family moved out of the house several months ago and it is the goal of PSEI to bring the whole family back home safely. Our group is associated with a Catholic Priest that has performed exorcisms in homes and he has agreed to work with us to bring this family home. Watch for updates and pictures.

We have been working with a TV Producer to film a follow up for a show they filmed in our clients house weeks ago. The process is taking to long so at the request of our client we are going forward to set up the exorcism of their house. This Saturday the 8th we will go to the house and take EMF readings and take pictures as well as get familiar with the hot spots of activity. We will schedule the exorcism asap. Our goal is to take care of our clients needs and get them back into their house. More updates to come.

After a couple weeks of trying to work something out with the TV Producer of a well known paranormal show we could not make things happen quick enough to satisfy the family or us. The process was taking to long and we had to take care of our clients needs first for foremost. An exorcism of the house was scheduled for the week of 3/10/14 and performed with the two home owners in attendance, the Priest and Al & Tami. After a few minutes of getting set up and for the Priest to get to know the home owners better the session started with a prayer and outline of what was to come. The Priest began by reciting the St. Michael Prayer in Latin along with several specially chosen Psalms. During the prayer the one home owner who in the past had many run ins with the demonic spirits had another attack from the back. She stood her ground and raised the cross she held and fought off the demon. The demon was not done yet as it went for Al next. With his body temperature rising and cold sweats starting he also had a tingle going down his neck and into his back. He reached up and grabbed his cross he was wearing and after a matter of a few seconds the tingling went away and his body temperature went back to normal. After the prayer session the Priest took Holy Water and went room by room as well as in the attic and basement sprinkling the blessed water to seal the fate of the demons. After all was done everyone in the house had a sense of calm and relief. This went so well that the young Grandson who had been attacked was allowed to spend the night at the house for the first time in 7 months. We were told it was a good night and his fears were gone.

The PSEI Group of investigators performed an investigation at the house to confirm that nothing was lingering in the house after the exorcism. In attendance was: Al & Tami Luna, Corey Todd, Amy Rupp, Earl Brannon and one of the family members. After setting up the IR Cameras and locking in their positions 2 members kept watch at the monitor or anything out of the ordinary and the other members split up to have EVP sessions in the basement and upstairs. After rotating positions for 3 sessions with no audible sound responses or spikes on our equipment the last thing to do was to make sure the demons were gone. Al went through a provoking session up in the Grandsons room where the demons were said to hide out often. There was no signs of any lost souls or demons during any of the sessions. To finish the job Al played the recording of the St. Michael Prayer from the Priest in the Grandsons room and sprinkled Holy Water as it was recited. After that was finished Al went to every room and sprinkled Holy Water just as the Priest had days prior. We truly hope this experience will keep the family safe for the remainder of their time living in the house and that the Angel that the Priest called upon to stay with them protects them for the rest of time!

Many thanks go out to Corey Todd for all of his hard work on our equipment, website and Facebook set ups! Great work was done by Amy Rupp and Tami Luna on the research side of this investigation! And a big thank you to Earl Brannon for making it to the investigation and making an impact after taking his final exam for college! Thanks to all for their Great Work!!! Al & Tami Luna

~~Recap of Events at East Toledo, OH Home March 27, 2014~~

 In Attendance from PSEI: Al, Tami and Amy Met with family on February 27th in north Toledo to gather information about the demonic haunting at their house in East Toledo. During this meeting we learned about the verbal information given to the family by Steve and Amy of the TV program The Dead Files. At least 4 demonic spirits were picked up by Amy during her walk through at the house. These spirits are the cause of the 2 year old being pushed on the stairs and another family member being pinned down in her bed and burned on the arm. Occurrences took place in the house such as apparitions, voices, footsteps and visible scratches on a couple family members. We all discussed having our groups Priest come in to perform an exorcism on the house which was asked for by the family. The tentative date for the exorcism was set up prior to the meeting on March 6th. This date hinged on a possible follow up filming for the TV show. After a few emails and conversations with one of the producers of the Dead Files Revisited we postponed the exorcism to see if she could get a crew to Toledo in a short time frame. After a few days they were pushing to have the exorcism in April. This was too long of a wait for the family and PSEI. After talking with our Priest a few times the new date of March 13th was set for the exorcism. On March 8th Al, Tami and Corey from PSEI went to the East Toledo home to take pictures and get EMF readings. There was a high EMF spike in the living room near the entrance to the kitchen. We also had a few spikes in the basement. The highest readings came up in the 2 year olds bedroom and the bathroom next to it along the same wall and also by the light on the ceiling of the young boys bedroom. This is deemed to be from faulty wiring just installed in the house. On March 13th we proceeded ahead with the exorcism. In attendance were the 2 home owners, Al, Tami and the Priest. The Father prayed for an Angel to come into the house and protect the family for the entire time they live there. Then he continued by reciting the prayer of exorcism to St. Michael and a few Psalms in the language of Latin. The Latin language is well known by demonic spirits and is very demanding in it's own right. During this prayer a home owner was attacked by what we believe to be the demonic spirits. Shortly after Al had a similar attack on him. Both were able to fight the attacks off while holding crosses and following the prayer by the Priest. After the prayer was over the Priest and Al went room by room sprinkling Holy Water and blessing the house as they went. The Holy Water was also sprinkled in the attic as well as every room and the basement. A calm fell over the house afterwards and everyone seemed to feel the calm that came about. The daughter and her 2 year old then came into the house and were blessed as well as the rest of the family. The 2 year old started playing with no fear or problem with the house and spent the night there with his mother. On March 15th PSEI performed an investigation of the house with IR camers's, recorders, KII Meters, and a Rem Pod. There was no activity on the cameras and no EVP's on the digital recorders. No equipment showed signs of anything paranormal in the house. At the end of the investigation Al took the recording of the prayer that the Priest recited and played it inside the closet in the 2 year olds bedroom where the demon spirits were said to hang out. It is our hope that this sealed any portal that could possibly open and let any demonic spirit back into the house. This should have also given the Angel more power to protect as well. On March 27th PSEI members Al, Tami and Amy met with the family to give the research evidence found by Tami and Amy. Pictures were also emailed to the family showing before the exorcism and after. PSEI did capture several Orbs in pictures that were almost identical in size and coloration in the before pictures. There were no Orbs in any of the after pictures which adds to the proof that these may have been the demonic spirits keeping an eye on us while in the house. Conclusion: PSEI does feel that any and all spirits that were in the house in East Toledo have vacated the premises and a guardian is now put in place by the Priest to protect. Best Wishes on a Happy and demon free life in your home!!! The Members of PSEI Names of the family and Priest are not used to protect them.