Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

Hello and good evening PSEI Friends. We are here in a farmhouse in Elmore Ohio tonight. We have heard that there are a few different entities roaming in this place. Not only in the home, but also out in the barn. We are setting up our equipment and getting things ready for the investigation tonight. Please feel free to like, share, and/or comment. We do not have Wi=Fi out here, so I am using my phones hotspot to try to keep you informed if we get any action tonight. We probably will not update as much as normal, but hope that you stay with us. 

​8:13pm – We are making our call to Bob our psychic/medium. Bob was called earlier this week and he was able to see two entities that he believe are children. There was one other that he believes is an Amish man. He said that so far into this call he is not seeing any change. The lady of the house says that her daughter sees these entities. The lady of the house has saw shadows in the basement. She says that she is not to sure if she wants to know who, or what the entities are. Bob feel that the Amish man may have built the barn. He seems be seeing a sand box out in the yard. He is not sure of the significance of that is? The family said that their daughter will almost always go out and play out there by herself. Bob asked about any neighbors that have kids. They do have kids, and they are a little different. Their lights are on all the time, and are never shut off. Bob feels that the two kid entities go back and forth between the two houses. Bob said that he feels that there is something in the bathroom. This bathroom is close to center house down stairs. The owners said that their bathroom is always cold. Al said that he was feeling a tingling on his neck just before Bob said anything about the bathroom. He just happened to be in front of the bathroom. Our temp gage is showing a twelve degree difference from the bathroom to the kitchen. Bob thinks that the kid entities are next door. We may need to try to do something to get them to come over here. 

​10:03pm First session is over. Nobody has really said to much about anything that has gone on. One god hit on the spirit box. The question asked was “What do you think of the changes the new owners are making to the house?” The reply was “we hate it.” We did see the periscope go off a few times. I believe that we have debunked the coolness in the bathroom. They have a breezeway on the other side of the bathroom. That room is pretty cold. The wall seems thin between the breezeway and the bathroom. Aside from that, we have not had to much action.

We are getting from Nicole and Bob both that the two kids are here. They are seeing a lady and a man too. There seems to have been the most activity in the upstairs. I will try to keep you posted if we get anything else to report.

​12:54am – Well…. We did not get anything at all for our third session. I did not get any reports on our 4th session either. I was out in the barn for the last session. We were getting hits on our mel meter. They were mostly on command and we asked for simple one beep for yes and two for no. We do feel that it was a lady communicating. Toward the end we said “if you can make it go to a 0.4 we would leave. The meter would not go above a 0.2 most of the time. Every now and then for a split second, we would get 0.3. As soon as we said we would leave if you get to a 0.4. It went right to a 0.4. We kept our word and left.