Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

Flying Rhinos Coffee Shop

10-29-2016 -Good evening PSEI Peeps! We are pleased to report that we are currently setting up for tonights investigation. We do have Wi-Fi, so that is a plus because I will be able to report on tonights activity.. We are hoping for a great night tonight. Like this comment and you will get updated once I post our activity. We are going to be going live tonight in-between sessions tonight. Watch for a notification that we are live and join us. Ask us questions as we are live and we will try to answer any questions as they appear. We appreciate your support and hope to see you following.

We are back! We are here in Toledo at Flying Rhinos Coffee Shop. Al is currently talking with Bob, our physic/medium. Sorry all. I have been working on set up so I am not in on the conversation with everyone. Stay tuned. We are getting close to starting our first session.

After talking with Al, and getting the summed up version of what I missed with Bob. Here is what we have from him….  The store owners husband had passed away just outside the building. Bob did seem to have an idea about what happened to him. He had a heart attack while grilling out. He also said that Ralph (Gini’s late husband) and Gini used to golf together. He was seeing that Ralph had brown and white golf shoes.  He also saw that someone was hung somewhere around this building. He was not positive if it happened at this current location though. He was seeing something with oranges. Gini did confirm that one of the first things they made here was orange chocolate truffles. She loved them. Bob also was picking up a station wagon. The older kind. Like a 69 wagon that would seat like nine people. That was also confirmed that Ralph did used to have a station wagon like that. Bob was also picked up on a Colt 45. Gini did say that Ralph used to shoot skeet, but we know that he did not shoot skeet with a 45. So that is left unsolved to this point.

We just had some interesting things just start to happen. Earl and Sondra are over in a room very close to where we currently are. Al and Gini are watching the monitors. Al asked me to come over there to where they are at. He pointed out that the camera in the room where Earl and Sondra are at just moved. Nobody was near it. He asked that I go in and check it out. I went in the room and asked if they were getting anything in that room. Sondra did report that 7 minutes is they captured their first evp. They were not too sure what it said, but they do know that they go something. Also, They have a K2 meter sitting right below the camera. It is doing something strange. For those of you that may not no. A K2 meter has a series of green, yellow, and red lights on it. The stronger the electromagnetic force the more lights it will light up. The K2 was not acting in its normal way. The first green light and only the first green light was dimming and brightening in a rhythmic motion. Like a heartbeat.  That was happening just before the camera moved. What could that be?

Well…… The second session has started and to this point I have not heard anything new. Sorry all, Things seem to have slowed down a bit.