Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

8:08pm –Hello PSEI friends! We are on the prowl again tonight. I am having a hard time concentrating because the song the freaks come out at night just came on and I am rocking it out! Okay…… Let me catch my breath……. We are east of Toledo tonight and getting things set up. We were called out because the family is having a lot of unexplained activity here at their house. They have reported a heavy perfume smell in the back bedroom. Their dogs will stair off into space where nothing is at and sometimes even growl. There have been a few reported deaths at this residents. One of the ladies had lost a daughter and a year later drank paris green. (A poison)  A six year old boy was run over and died right outside this house and the mother watched it happen. There was a man that lived here that went to Toledo and stabbed someone. He then brought the knife back with him. We do not believe that the knife is still here though.

​The activity seemed to slow to a crawl in the 2nd session. The group on the main level said nothing happened. The group upstairs had a Pariscope that went off a couple times. After Sondra, Al and the homeowner got upstairs they started the session in the hallway by the bathroom where the claim off a lot of activity was made by the 1st group. After several minutes a quick burst of noise rang out scaring Sondra which in turn scared the homeowner. After calming down, it was discovered that the noise was an air freshener that automatically sprayed by timer. Nice scent once the shit small went away after the scare.

Session Two -  The 2 girls went into the bedroom of the daughter and Al went into the Master Bedroom. Sondra had the Pariscope going off in the young girls bedroom and it moved around it on command. It stopped and nothing else happened for a while. Nothing happened at all in the Master accept for the cat coming in to be petted.So then the girls came into the Master and Al went into the daughters bedroom. Nothing happened in the Master Bedroom. After a short while Al started asking if the entity was happy here or did it want to leave and be with its family. He told it that if it wanted to stay that it had to be nice and not scare anyone. And if it was not nice that it had to leave. As soon as Al said that the Pariscope lit up and stayed on. As he explained that they need to stop scaring the family members in order to stay there the Pariscope started flashing. He asked if they wanted to leave and it flashed 3 of the spindles. He asked if they wanted help to leave it flashed more and then went to the other side of the device and lit up 2 spindles then vanished. Nothing else happened until they started walking down the steps and the  Periscope lit up and the lights lit up and went around it.