Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

~~ The Group has been called into action earlier than expected. With a change in plans for the founders we have moved up the investigation date for our client with demonic activity. We are happy to be able to start things in motion to rid her house of the demonic spirit there. Wish us luck tonight as going into a demonic situation on Friday the 13th with a full Moon should prove to be very active. With Cross in one hand and Holy Water in the other we move forward to help this family get back to a normal and safe life free of any paranormal activity!

~~ Our investigation in East Toledo on Friday the 13th with the Full Moon went well. Only one real noticeable thing when the bedroom door closed on Tami as she was taking pictures. The demons did not want to come out and play visually but we have captured a few things on camera and have a lot of evidence still to go through. The biggest plus of the night was that the owner of the house was able to put the spirits in their place and sleep well after we left and we are very happy about that. Watch our website for several updates to come. 

~~ We are currently waiting to hear back from our groups Priest as we have a tentative date of this Sunday set up for the exorcism. As long as he can make it to town and has the time we will go forward to help this family to get rid of the demons that torment them.