Hello PSEI Family!  We are here in Toledo at a screen printing place called JupMode. Maybe you locals might know about it. We have been called in due to some reportings of some strange things going on here at their building. We are currently setting up our equipment and getting things ready for tonight. Hit like on this comment and you should be updated every time we make an update throughout the night. Also, Feel free to ask questions and reply to us. We will do our best to get back to you. Thank you for following us. We appreciate your support.

     We are here talking with Bob. He has been going through some stuff and having a hard time tuning in, but he is still going to give it a shot. Bob is picking up on a lady roaming around. She is in all white. He thinks her name may be Emily. He is also picking up on a male figure that lost his finger. He is picking up on someone watching us from the outside. He feels that this male/s is wearing a suit. Pinstriped type of suit. He is seeing this man carrying a gun. He feels that he has it holstered in a shoulder holster. He is not sure on the name but feels that his name is Ricky. He is still seeing Emily dancing around. She is in a factory type area that has a stripe on the floor. Bob feels that there is a negative energy around one area. This guy is not here tonight. He is picking a few of the employees here. He picked up that the others (entities) are still here watching us. There is a man in a upstairs window looking in. He is communicating with someone, but the other does not seem to be paying attention. The lady is still dancing around all over this place. That was all from Bob tonight.

     Bob had sent us a text recently. He said that he is seeing a little girl skipping around upstairs. I may head up that way to see if I can get her to communicate shortly. Also one of our researchers sent us some new info. Bob had mentioned that he was seeing an Emily dancing around. Andrea found some info that there was a deed transfer in 1946 to an Emma Gaw. Andrea was not able to come across a death certificate for her though. Curious if the two people are really one in the same. We do know that there was a notorious gang called Purple Gang. They were well known in this area, and the mafia was also fairly heavy in this area. Bob did mention that there was a guy with a shoulder holster, and a pin stripe type of suit on. Could this be from that era?

     Session two is starting up. We had a pretty good first session. The Jupmode crew had a few experiences. One had a k2 meter go off on him. He did not stick around to see if he could replicate the instance. We did see on the cameras that there was a shadow figure that showed itself. We will be going back to review that. We did do a little testing to try to debunk what we had saw. To this point we were not able to replicate it.


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