Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

9:21pm – We have started talking with Bob our psychic. He right away picked up on twin boys. He feels that they are pretty young. He is also picking up on a young girl that he feels is between 12-15 years old. He has picked up on someone at the front door. We are taking pictures for that to see if we can see if we can pick anything up. He has the strongest feelings in the master bedroom. The owners have confirmed that there has been activity in that room. The tv has come on. Bob has asked about the kitchen. He asked about something kicking on by itself. The owners have had the microwave kick on unexplained. They have also reported that sugar packets have went flying across the kitchen. Bob asked about if there is a dog here? The youngest daughter will sometimes point and say woof. There will be nothing there that anyone else can see. Now back to the girl. Bob said the hair is very dark and straight. He says her name is Janis. Bob keeps asking about a knife. They have said that they are missing one knife from their set. Bob asked about a bracelet. The owners have reported that their middle daughter does wear a bracelet that states that she cannot have milk. There is an alarm on it. They have reported that the alarm has went off a few times for various reasons. Bob asked about the alarm going off now. Their daughter is at their mother’s house. The mother had just sent a text stating that the alarm for her daughter is going off and they cannot figure out why. The mother is on her way to try to figure it out.

10:07pm – We have just started session one! We have a REM pod in the middle child's room. The REM pod has just started going off. It started out kind of weak. Then it got stronger. It has now stopped all together. Maybe the storm that came through as we were setting up gave a little bit of energy to the entities. The periscope has went off in that same room.

I did forget to mention that as we were setting up. Paul had something give a slight tug on the back of his hat. Earl was taking pictures and had something messing with him.
Now back to our regularly scheduled program. More coming soon.

10:41pm – Things have been pretty quiet since we went lights out. Well, up to this point anyways. The REM Pod has been going off in an inconsistent manor. We can see it on our camera. Earl is right on it. He has been taking pictures and trying to figure out what is setting it off. The REM Pod will start then stop, then start back up again. While that started going off the periscope started going off with it. The REM Pod stopped for a couple minutes. I can hear Earl talking in there from where I am at. He got up and started messing with the REM Pod. He touched it a few times and made it go off his self. He would wait, then do it again. After a few minutes he turned his back to it to walk away. The pod then started going off again. Earl tried to get it to do it again. Again, once he turned his back and started walking away from it, it went off again.

We have felt as if we are getting messed with a couple times during this session watching the camera. Let’s hope that we can get some solid evidence to help these people out.

11:00pm – We are currently on break. Kind of. As we started to go in and get our snacks, the periscope had started going off. I can see Al is in there trying to figure things out. This has attracted pretty much everyone to the room. Pictures are being taken, and Al is doing something. (Sorry for that description, but I am not in the room to know for sure what it is he is doing.) Sondra is in there with her recorder trying to capture any evp’s that she can. We had a pretty good first session. Let’s hope session two will be more active.

11:26pm – As we were all out around the monitors. The periscope started going off again. As Sondra and Paul went into the room. The Periscope stopped. Bob does feel as if Janis’s parents are here with her. He feels that the shadow figure that they see every now and then might be her father.

11:42pm - I have been informed that our next session is about to start. Bob has sent us a text about the girl (Janis) and her parents have come here form somewhere else. He is not sure why or where they have come from. You better believe that we will be asking the questions to try to figure out why they have come here. This will be a quicker than normal session. It will start at 11:50pm and go to 12:30pm. Let the fun begin!

Sorry all. We have closed a few doors and sealed the nerve center off from the house this session. To this point I have not seen, or heard of anything going on. As I was writing this Earl mentioned that things seem to have calmed way down. He was getting picked on quite a bit right from the start. 

12:30- Well……. Things were quite quiet this session. Sondra said that she heard a few weird noises. Al had a hit on the periscope. He then at the end of the session came into nerve center and dropped a bomb. I guess that will take care of the bugs in this area. Lol.

12:41 – The man of the house had went into the house to go to the rest room. (Probably where Al should have went.) As he went into the house he heard a bang in the kitchen.

2:25am – Our last session is complete. We are about to start breaking down the equipment. We did get a little activity. As Al and I were in their boys room, the periscope lit up for us. It was not a quick light either. The light started on one side, then one by one lit up moving toward Al. Once all were lit, they went in the same direction turning off one by one till it was completely dark again. This happened twice for us. Aside from Earl blinding me with his camera, that was about all the excitement we got in the last session.

Thanks to all that followed us through the night. Have a great evening, and good night from the PSEI team.