Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

7/3/2016 -We are getting ready, and setting up our equipment. We have had reports of a few deaths at this location. I would love to let you know where we are, but we were asked to keep it on the down low.  I will let you know that this place is a historic building in Toledo. This building is absolutely beautiful!

11:00pm – We are now lights out! As we sit here watching the monitors, Al has already had a couple feelings. The hair on his neck has stood on end. We did take a couple pic, but have not reviewed them.

11:06 – Hits on the REM Pod are quite consistent. Not just flickering, staying on steady and solid. Nobody is out taking pictures.

11:23 – Things seemed to have calmed down for the moment. We are hoping that we will start to get a bit more action soon.

11:26- REM Pod is at it again! Full go! It has been a solid two minutes and it is still a solid sound going off. Al has decided to get in there with his camera. I am hoping that the sound of the fireworks that are going off very close to us will not ruin any possible recordings.

11:53 – Well PSEI Followers…. Break time, and we did not have any more action since the REM pod went off. Let’s hope that we can get a little bit more action in this next session! Stay tuned.

12:26am – Happy Fourth of July all! Thank you for following we appreciate it.
We have had a few extra people join us. Some family and friends of this establishment.  The owner is also here with us to set in on this session.

Things seem to pretty quiet to this point so far. Cameron is one of the rooms where two people have past away. The owner is upstairs. We had moved that camera that we had upstairs to the basement. We was told that there have been reports of activity down there also.

Things were starting to get really slow and I did not have anything to report. I decided to go and sit in with Cameron. I started talking with him about things that had happened in that room. I explained that two people may have passed away in that room, but that does not mean that they are still here. They may have crossed over, or went back home, or a place where they were happiest. As I was saying that the periscope that was placed on the table right between us flashed really bright and had a popping sound. We could not get it to do it again. There was a report that the REM Pod was going off on command.

I have just received another report that the periscope went off upstairs like crazy. The periscope is just out of camera range. We have adjusted the camera to see the periscope.