Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

Good evening PSEI Friends! Well.... We are here in Fayette getting ready to start our set up. Thank you all for watching, following, messaging or whatever type of communication you may have used. We appreciate your interest. Please follow along with us tonight. 

9:03pm - Ok all. Love the fans watching. We have officially started our first session. We talked with Bob. He said that he sees a man and a woman one standing by Jami Galbraith Meller and the male standing by Steve. He also saw a little girl. She started out in the bedroom. Then she darted up to the attic. He believes that the little girls name is Angela. I will post more as I hear it come in.

First session has ended. There was a knocking in the living room. Right after the knocking the lights on the periscope started to light up.

Linda was in the bedroom. The periscope was in the door. That is where Bob first saw the little girl. Linda moved the doll was in the doorway. The periscope lit back up and the rem pod went off. Linda then put the doll back. She asked if the entity could hold her hand. Just after she asked that, Bob sent her a text and told her that she should be feeling the little girl touching her hand.

Melissa and Paul were both upstairs. They had a lot of communication through the phasma box. The first picture that came up looked like a cemetery. Then they received the word Ludwig. They asked if that was a first name or a last. The next thing that came up was the number one. That seemed to have answered like it was a first name. While they were sitting up there. Melissa saw something out of the corner of her eye. Paul at the same time said that he also saw something move. They also received the word “indicate” followed directly by “1763”. That was followed by the word “Computer”. Could they be asking to look up the year 1763? They did receive “they will be coming soon”. Neither had a digital recorder though.

In the basement. I was told that there was a whole lot of nothing.

 And now PIZZA TIME!!!!!