Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

Andrea & Jon Batteas

Research Specialists

Paul Kozbial

Research Specialist/Evidence Specialist/Investigator

Technology Assistant/Jr Investigator in Training

Cameron Todd

Evidence Specialist/Investigator

Sondra Tody 

I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a child. I grew up hearing many strange stories about different family members houses that always fascinated me. Sometimes  I would feel "things" that I could not explain. That just made me more curious! As an adult, I have seen  and heard many things that I cannot explain. My interest in "Ghost Hunting" took off when I started Civil War Re-enacting. I have traveled to and camped out at many of the actual battlefields and other Civil War sites. From my travels I have stories and pictures from almost every one of the Civil War sites. One of the pictures is on the Home page of this website. In the picture you can tell it is very dark with rocks all around. In the distance you can see a man looking over a ledge. Look close enough and you can see the strap from his pack he carried. But when the picture was take there was actually no one there!

I am looking forward to expanding my experiences with my new PSEI Family and hope to help many people in the process! 

Earl Brannon


     Growing up a few blocks down from a Jewish Cemetery heightened my curiosity in the phenomena of the paranormal. My neighbor friends and I would roam through the cemetery looking for any type of spirit activity or unusual occurrences. My five years experience in paranormal investigating has shown me there are many strange occurrences that people feel are paranormal but have logical explanations. But there are also many situations we cannot explain, as well as evidence that proves the paranormal world exists. Another interest of mine is the research previous to our investigations.     

     The fear of an attic door in my bedroom as a child and experiences in adulthood have driven me to help people that live with the fears I once had. While renovating an old building in Maumee, OH back in the early 80's I had many strange occurrences happen to me. Back then ghosts and spirits were not talked about and most people would think you were a bit crazy to bring them up. But as time went on and paranormal became a common word it made my desire to get involved in paranormal investigating stronger. Tami and I decided to find a group and start helping people five years ago. Since that start we have experienced many strange happenings and helped put clients minds at ease. Our experiences here locally and in Gettysburg, PA keep us motivated to keep helping others!

     We look forward to Helping our clients to live without fear! 

Mission Statement and Team Members

Corey Todd

Technology Specialist/Investigator

     Since I was about ten years old I have lived in, seen, and been around places that have had strange occurrences. At first it was scary, yet interesting. I have had a curiosity since. Now I have a chance to explore and research those very things. On top of that, I have a chance to help people that may need comfort and understanding in what may be happening to them. While doing all of this I get to do my other interest. I get to play with all of the electronics. Having and associates degree in electrical engineering just make this twice the fun.

Al Luna

Founder/Senior Investigator

Tami Luna

Founder/Senior Investigator

Our Mission

           OUR Team

     Our mission is multifaceted. Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations (PSEI) main goal is; to the best of our ability; help make a home or business comfortable and safe for the owners and others involved.  To scientifically investigate and either find proof of paranormal activity or to search for  natural reasons  for strange activities bringing fear or uneasy feelings to our clients. PSEI shall provide services at no cost to the client.