Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

Hello and good evening PSEI friends. We are back at it again here in Toledo. We have been told that there are some negative entities tormenting a family. Not normally, the guys in the place, but it seems to be targeting the women and children here. I (Corey) was getting some interesting things as we arrived. As we were bringing equipment in, something hit me in the shoulder. I heard it hit the floor, but was unable to find what hit me. We were setting things up and getting ready for the night and was pinched. Felt like a bee sting. There was a mark on my arm. I have not been very comfortable since I have been here. I have been itching a lot. Feeling like something is toying with me. This is strange since the reports have been that they normally left the men alone. HA HA HA. I know what you’re thinking. You all got jokes huh.  Anyways, back to the report. We called Bob and he was having a hard time seeing anything. He said they were being illusive. He does feel that someone had been hung in this house. He asked if a wall had been ripped out. The owner confirmed that the wall was taken out. There was something in the wall but the owner did not remember what it was. He did not feel it was of any importance. So, I have been behind a bit due to a recording issue. My apologies for not getting all of the info.

Well, we are in the middle of our first session. We have had the rem pod in the bedroom and the basement going off. We have had some high emf readings in the kitchen. As high as 12.0. That is insane high considering a reading of 1.5 is when we start to pay attention to it. That reading was would stay that high for a bit then drop to around 6. Then to nothing. It keeps bouncing around. As we are sitting here in the dark, I hear a very audible growl. With that sound I feel the floor vibrate. Then I hear Al start laughing. UUUGHHHH, That explains the sulfur smell. We can’t always be serious I guess. Lol.

Okay all. We have finished our first session. A few of us are feeling like something is not right. Something about this investigation feels different than the others. I know I am a bit vague on that, and it was on purpose. Maybe we will explain that at a later time.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. We have had a few hits with our spirit box, and Bob has been quite active with us also. As much as I would love to let you all know exactly what is going on. I feel that there are times when thing maybe should not be spoken. I will do my best to keep you informed from here on out.

Okay all. The second session has begun, and not too much has happened to this point. It is currently 10:32pm. Things seem to be really calm right now. I am hoping it is a calm before the storm. This is paranormal investigating though. Things don’t always happen in one night. It is hard to get the entities to play if they do not want to.

SILENCE!!!!!! Is all we had this session.

Nicole and I went to the master bedroom. Neither of us was feeling anything. We got bored, so we went to the basement. We did not get anything there either. Nicole had been getting pain in her head, neck, and ear. She has felt fine this whole session. Al said that he is feeling like everything has moved to upstairs. I have not heard of anything going on just yet there, but I will let you know if we do.

New update from Paul. He said that he was touched by something in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Not much beyond that.