Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

Pemberville Investigation Continued

Pictures Below

Investigation team present: PSEI Members Al, Tami, Ray, Amy and Earl.

Guest from Weston Paranormal - Chad & Matt

Equipment used:

4 - Stationary IR Cameras connected to DVR System

4 - Digital Voice Recorders

3 - KII Meters

2 - Digital Cameras

2 - REM Pods

2 - Motion Sensors

1 - Full Spectrum Camera

1 - Vibe Pod

1 - Geophone

1 - Laser Grid

     Started setting up cameras and other equipment shortly after 7:30pm. One IR camera in the Council Room downstairs, one camera facing the stage from stairway entrance, one camera on stage facing out into the auditorium and the last camera on the stage facing the left side where Jim had ghost pass through him.

     In the first session Chad and Matt went up into the dressing rooms and attic area. Al and Ray moved around the auditorium sitting in different locations. Tami and Amy were watching the monitors for any unusual movements. Both teams in the stage and auditorium area were engaged in EVP sessions. As the EVP sessions were going on the Vibe Pod on the stage near the front stage lights kept going off meaning it was picking up motion on the stage. The Vibe Pod would go off frequently at first and slowly started to slow down with the hits on it. During these sessions the REM Pod located on the table in the back of the auditorium by the period couch and chairs sounded off for about 5+ seconds. There was no one in the back of the auditorium to set off the REM Pod as it was alarming. This was captured on a voice recorder.

     Several odd sounds were heard up in the dressing rooms but nothing that could be picked up by the voice recorder. We call these personal experiences. It was even better since two different people heard the same noises that could not be explained by normal circumstances.

     Al had a personal experience in the dressing room to the right of the stage. The IR camera picked up the lights of the REM Pod going off but the true experience could not be seen on video. After Al was in the room for several minutes asking questions and looking around the room to make sure of what was around him, he noticed the red light that was found out later was a light from the small refrigerator in the room. While asking questions Al noticed a red light strobing across the mirror towards the REM Pod. As soon as the light cleared the mirror the REM Pod sounded off for 1 to 2 seconds.

     The second session had Chad and Matt at the monitors, Tami and Amy up on the stage and Al and Earl in the Auditorium. Just like in the first session the teams in the Opera House took many pictures out in the auditorium and stage areas.

     The last session had Al and Earl at the monitors, Tami and Amy in the Auditorium and Chat and Matt back up in the attic and dressing room areas. 

     With all of this said and after going through Audio and visual recordings it is safe to say that the spirits a the Opera House were not in the mood to communicate verbally but from our equipment and from many interesting pictures to be shared it is our conclusion that "yes" there is paranormal activity here in the Pemberville OH and they are fun spirits that are just reliving the great times they had at this Gem out in the country side of NW Ohio. PSEI and Weston Paranormal greatly appreciate the opportunity to come into Pemberville and experience the spirits that call this beautiful building home or at least a fun stop if they journey about!

Sincerely, Al & Tami Luna and Crew