Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

Good evening all,

We arrived around 7:30 ish this evening. We have done all of our set up, and things are under way. We have contact Bob (our psychic/medium). Bob was picking up a few different entities. There is a little girl, two guys, and a mother. Bob says that I may get picked on a little bit tonight.  He has guided me to a back office. I did go back there and did not pick up on too much activity. As I was back there I let them know that we are not here to harm them, or make them leave. I had asked for some sort of communication. I asked for one knock for yes and two knocks for no. I still did not receive anything and sat in silence for a bit. Before I left I had made two separate points to anyone that may have been in the room with me.

One….. We are here because someone is scaring the nephew in this home. We would like for whoever is doing this to please stop, and please try to understand that what you are doing is scaring the nephew. They may stay here in the house as long as they go by the home owner’s rules.

Two…. If they decide they would like to try to communicate. Knock loud enough to catch our attention.

Here is where this starts to get a little more interesting. As I was about to sit down to start getting this set up for the updates. We (Paul and I) heard a very clear knock in the room that I was in. Just after this had happened Bob said that he needed to let us know that he is seeing the little girl and she is apologizing and very sorry about scaring the nephew. She said that she will try not to do that anymore. Bob believes that her name is Cynthia.

As I was typing this up Bob had sent a text to Al. It was to have me go down to the pool table and set the eight ball in the center of the table. It will move if I do this. To this point it has not moved, but I am not going to ignore the very purpose we are here. We have placed a camera on the pool table. We will let you know if the ball gets moved at any point in the knight.

The lady of the house and Sondra was back in the area where I had initially started out. They are using a periscope.  They have saw the periscope light all the way up. (That is not an easy task by the way.) This has happened multiple time and some on request. They are face timing with her son at this point. He was also able to ask a question and get the periscope to light up.

One of the men that we all believe is the lady of the house step farther. Today is his birthday. We have all made sure that we have told him happy birthday.The first session is about over. I will give more posting as I receive them in.

Earl and the lady of the house sister is in the basement. Not sure who else is down there with them, but the rem pod is going of non-stop for a few minutes now.

 While on break we have someone in the bedroom. She is able to get the rem pod to go off on command. We were watching the monitors while this is taking place. We witnessed an orb, while the rem pod was going off, move from the bottom of it circle around the top of the rem pod then go to the bottom of the rem pod. Once the orb got to the bottom of the rem pod the lights and sound stopped. Earl went into the room and took a few pick. He was able to capture about four orbs around. I was just told that the response seems to happen when the lady puts a picture of their grandfather holding fish up in the air toward the rem pod. The rem pod has been going steady for about five minutes. Al told it to back away and let go. The rem pod stopped! Then they started talking again and the rem pod started going off again.

     Session two has begun and the rem pod is still going off on command. There seems to be a lot that is going on, and things are moving along quite nicely. Earl and Sondra are in the basement. I have not heard much from them yet. We have been in and out of the bedroom trying different things. We did have the rem pod and a k-2 meter at the same time. We were getting simultaneous readings. They were about three feet apart. We initially thought that maybe the phone was setting the rem pod off. We have debunked this as being the reason for it lighting up the way it was. We added the K-2 in while the rem pod was going off. The k-2 was lighting up consistently to the yellow lights. Every now and then the yellow would spike to red. The phone was all the way across the room. This could not make the k-2 light up that high from that distance.

     Al was watching the monitor. He noticed something go in front of the swag lamp. The lamp is quite clear in the video. He watched it start to get a very distorted look to it as if something was moving slowly in front of it. From one side to the next and it was gone. We will be reviewing that at a later time to see if we can figure out what it was.

Things in the basement have been going on, but I am not down there to know exactly what is going on.  Personal side note…….. This blueberry bread that I am eating is freaking fantastic! Now back to our regularly scheduled program…..

    For anyone that is out there watching and keeping up with the updates. The postings have slowed down due to the activity slowing down. This is a normal instance in paranormal investigating. The deceased have to build energy to be able to do things to communicate. They use their energy and have to re-energize.

    New update! When this session started. Three people upstairs clearly heard Earl say “Whoa!” We all looked at each other and made a comment that something had happened, because Earl would rarely speak out, and to speak out that loud was not like him. We were hearing things down in the basement most of the session. Now that the session is over we asked Earl what was going on. We also asked why he said whoa. He said that he did not say whoa. Sondra confirmed that he did not say that. They also said that they had heard someone walk up and down the steps three different times. Nobody was there.

WOW! That is all I have to say. We were all sitting here on our little intermission. We were sharing stories. We had something on camera two. We had been watching this camera most of the night because there had been something moving across the floor in the same spot most of the night. As we are talking and watching the monitor. THEN IT HAPPENED!!!!! EVERYONE OF US SIMULTANEOUSLY STOPPED TALKING AND JAWS HIT THE FLOOR. We have gasped for air and all of us just stared. A partial manifestation happened right in front of all of us. It went from the ceiling down around mid screen and back up. Kind of had the shape of wings. Earl went into the room to start taking pictures. Another small orb went from one room to the next and went in many different ways before it went out of our sight. Unbelievable! This is one of the best images we have ever caught. We can call it a night. A success. Amazing.

This will conclude our investigation. Please see our facebook page for an image of what had manifested. Have a great rest of your night if you are still up with us. Good night from the PSEI team.