Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

Hello PSEI peeps!

We are in Sand Creek tonight. We are getting a little bit of a late start. We wanted to celebrate a birthday, but he was not able to make the trip. We will enjoy his B-Day cake though.
We talked with Bob he picked up on many entities by the rail road tracks. (Side note: The railroad tracks are roughly a mile away. Theses tracks had head on collision back in 1901.) He was able to pick up on a Winchester rifle model 37. He was also able to pick up on horses in the yard and feels that I may get to see a spirit of a little boy. He was not able to get a name that I am aware of. He did surprise the lady of the house with some of his detail that he was able to pick up on. Things such as having a dirt basement at one point. The hitching posts for the horses. Asked if there was a bible laying open in the. The answer was yes to that. He picked up on a lady standing by it. Stay tuned for more to come! Should be a good night.

Al says let’s go lights out. As he hits the light switch, he felt something hit his arm. Sorry all, we did not get any documentation other than this here right now. I have heard a couple rumblings coming from nerve center. I do know that they have wrote down a couple things that seem to be interesting. My apologies all, I am not sitting over there like normal tonight to see what is going on, so I may not catch all of the action. We did however have something interesting going on with our camera that we have placed outside. It was fine then it looked as if there was a lot of snow on the ground. We debunked anything paranormal as the camera was picking up a glare from the moon coming up.

I was just updated that there seems to be a small orb that is following Linda around. When she moves, it moves. Also just heard that Paul is getting K-2 hits in the bedroom. Keep in mind that this is place is a place that we have been to a few times before. This place has not let us down yet. At an earlier date, we had declared this place as a training location.  The man of the house is here, but chooses to stay out in the camper or sit by the fire.

On a personal side note. While things are starting out a bit slow. I would like to say happy birthday to my beautiful little girl. She just turned 11 today. Also, I would like to say happy birthday to my beautiful lady. She just turned………….. Chirp Chirp…….. Lol. Ha! I would like to sleep in my bed tonight, so I better not say. Anyways, back to our regular scheduled program.
The two lady’s were in the living room asking questions. Linda was sitting by a window. She kept seeing something outside the window. It was dark like a shadow type figure. She said that it seemed as if it was staring at her. She asked the lady of the house to switch her spots. She also was able to see the figure to. She did report that she has seen this a few times before. Both ladies said that it is very strange, but it does not feel like it is threatening. More like it wants to see what is going on, or to be a part of what is going on.

Another personal side note…… As they were discussing this last report. The question was asked why something would like to come back to this place? The lady of the house said “Because grandma is hot!”
Great reporting right!

BREAK TIME!!!!!!!!
The 17th was my oldest birthday. He is now 16. Since he could not make It here tonight, we will gladly eat his cake that we were going to surprise him with. Yep….. It is as good as it looks to.

New session
Monitor – Tami and Lady of the house
Computer room- Linda and Paul
Outside – (Name by his request) The Great Simon, Al, and I (Corey)
So this mean that things will be a bit quiet this session for all of you Awesome followers. Updates when I get back!

Second Session

This was a fairly quiet session to my knowledge. Paul and Linda had a couple hits on the periscope. That is all that they had reported. I did not look at the sheet from nerve center to see if they had written anything down. As for me, I was outside in the back yard. I did not hear anything on my recorder. I did however capture some orbs on my camera. Things do not seem to be moving as they usually do at this location. Al has officially called it a night.

A lot of times in this profession, this is how it works. Most nights will be slow and not as interesting as people would hope. Then again there are a few here and there that will just be awesome! Those nights are the nights that keep us in this game. I am signing off for the night. From the PSEI Team, sleep well and good night.