Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

Hello and good evening PSEI Fans! We are excited about tonight’s investigation.  We have a lot of our members here with us tonight, and hopefully some others here with us that may want to communicate. This could be a really fun one tonight. I am not sure if I am aloud to disclose our location or not, so I will hold off until I am told different. We are setting up right now and getting ready to go. Please follow along with us tonight. Hit that like button and maybe even share with your friends. Looking forward to seeing you. Please feel free to comment and ask questions as we go. We would like to interact with you all.

Session One! This place is so big that I am not getting any input to what is going on. Sorry all, I do not have anything to report at this time. I will update you once this session is over. ​

​Session two was a fun one! We all had some kind of experience (Dave, Ruby, Sondra, Corey) in the basement. I (Corey) was stopped dead in my tracks while I was walking. I almost fell over. Was dizzy and felt like I was being held to that spot. We all heard at least one of about four different hisses. Ruby had her hair lifted and Dave had his necklace lifted. It was about one thing after another. That was a great session for the four of us.