Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

10:00pm - Hello PSEI peeps! We are at it again. For all of those who made a guess and for everyone else that is following. We are in Lyons Ohio at Vikings Pizzeria. We are here tonight due to some of the employees and the owner having unexpected things going on here in the restaurant. We are here hoping to give an explanation as to the thing going on.

We have heard of buns flying off a shelf. Numerous times people have heard someone talking to them and nobody else is around. And a figurine that was thrown across the floor. So, hopefully we can get some answers.

We cannot start till a little bit later tonight, so we hope to see people following along with us. We may do a live feed before we start. Our official start time will be after 11pm though.

As we sit here watching the Penn State – Iowa game with our full stomachs. I feel the need to say thank you on behalf of the PSEI team. Thank you Vikings Pizzeria for the hospitality and feeding the team, on you, before we investigate. We really do appreciate it. 

11:28pm - Okay all, First off, Congrats Penn State! That was a heart breaker for Iowa. Now back to the investigating. Al is going over some basic instructions to our guest investigators. After that we will begin to start our fun. Stay with us for the updates. Like, comment, and share if you would like. We love the interaction. I will keep you posted as to anything that I hear going on. Sorry we did not do the live stream. If we start getting an area that is hot, I will try to get that going for everyone to see. Lets, begin.

11:44pm – We have our first hit tonight. Linda has caught a mist or some type of possible entity with her camera. I will post the pick after our first session. She was in the back room when she caught it. Can’t wait till we can get it on the computer and blow it up.

​After a closer look and going back and checking it out. We were able to debunk the picture. We were catching a reflection that caused the anomaly.

​In the first session, we got some names on a ovules.  Lisa and Walter were the names given. It gave the number three, which is how many investigator we had up there. There seems to be a lot of gibberish with it. They then changed up the game a little and asked yes no, true false type questions. They did get some good responses from that. One of the employees asked if they liked the changes that were made to the building. They did not like those changes. They asked for a noise to be made and they did receive a “Tink” noise. 

1:39am - Well……. As we all know, we cannot always get the excitement. We did get a few things this session. Not much though. The ice falling in the pop machine scared Mellissa. That was funny. There was a hit on the ovules. The name Paula came through. She lived here in the early 1900’s. They asked if she was the one that messes around down stairs. They got a yes reply on that. Other than that, we did not get to much to report.