Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

Hello PSEI fans! We are here and getting ready to start setting up for tonight’s investigation. We are back at Vikings Pizzeria in Lyons OH. There have been some renovations and activity has picked up. With that being said… We have been call back into action. 

Session 1-Downstairs Sondra had the Parascope going off by asking various questions, she’ll be reviewing her recordings later to see if she caught any EVPS during the session. Sondra did mention it felt like somebody touched her nose!
Upstairs Al had three rem pods lined up in a row and had no activity for the first few minutes. Al made a statement that if somebody was afraid of him, he would move. As soon as Al moved the rem pods started activating. They would continue to make noise and light up when Al was away, but as soon as he moved near they would stop! With Scott, however, they would only activate when he was near.  Somebody liked Scott apparently!

 Session 2- Our monitor people caught a few possible orbs. Rem pod upstairs going off sporadically, did go off after Al asked if it was the man who was killed in the parking lot. The rem pod also went off everytime Scott’s name was mentioned! 

Session 3 downstairs-the K2 meter would light all of the way to red randomly, didn't seem to answer my questions, just lit up whenever it felt like it, like somebody was just playing with it...upstairs the rem pod would go off about every 3 minutes for 15 seconds at a time. Session 3 is in full swing.  Al sent 4 ladies upstairs to see if they could drum up more activity without one of the guys around. 

The night came to a close around 2:30 am. Thanks to Vikings Pizza for the wonderful food and fun experience once again!

Until next time!