Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

Sorry about the delay all.  There is a lot going on and I am having a hard time keeping up. Here is what we have to this point.

Given the research we found that a lady by the name of Marcella had passed away here in the house. Bob is seeing a kid here with us. We are having issues with a camera in the kitchen. Bob keeps seeing the kid jumping around. We are getting some evidence supporting everything that is going on. Bob said to go out and take a picture by the front door. We got an orb. He said to take a picture in the kitchen. We got a bright orb.
Karen is pissed at us. We left our shoes on and went in the living room. Anyone that knew Karen knew not to do that. EVER!!!!
Marcella is battling with Karen and throwing flower on the floor. Karen is trying to sweep it up. The kid is still bouncing around to all the other places.

Session one!
Cameron is sitting under the tree by himself. Bob says that there is a kid that jumps around here. He feels that the kid will try to communicate with Cameron. Bob stated in our session that he saw a swing on that tree. This has been confirmed to a point. The is a chain wrapped around one of the bigger branches of the tree where is does seem that there could have been a swing there at one point.
Nichole is in the living room and the kitchen. (With her shoes off of course.) We did not tell Bob that we were going to do that. He sent me a message that stated Karen is laughing and said that it is ok. She just does not like dirt all over the floor. Nichole did catch some very interesting pictures during our talk with Bob.
Paul is out in the barn. He will be doing the second and third floor.
Sondra is at the monitors.
We have a special guest here tonight. Collin is my nephew. Kody his brother is also coming to help out soon. I feel that having Kody, Collin, Cameron, and myself here can help to get some kind of evidence. Karen is their grandmother, and my step mother. She loved family get togethers.

Session one review….
Cameron said he had goose bumps really bad out there under the tree.
Paul was in the barn. He said that he felt a drastic temperature change and something poked him in the side of his butt.
Nichole said that she felt something brush against her back and a cold chill. She caught a greenish color orb in the fan.

 We are on an extended break right now due to people coming out here. My father is coming here from work and my nephew just showed up. We do not want to start a session and have it get interrupted. We will be back shortly. Thank you for your patients.

Session two!
My father and about half of his coworkers have come here after working their shift. They were quite interested in what was going on, so we had to introduce ourselves and explain the night so far. They seem to be quite impressed. They will be destroying any evp session though as we can hear them out in the shed. Anyways…. Here’s starting session two.
Cameron, Kody, Collin will be out in the barn. They are getting all kinds of orbs out there.
Paul and Sondra are in the living room.  We have seen some crazy bright orbs. Not to sure if they have saw anything with their eyes, or any instruments, but our cameras are seeing it.  As I was typing this, I am getting this cob web feeling. The camera did catch an orb around me.

We have reviewed an EVP from Sondra’s digital recorder. At 14:04 into the session we caught very clear a voice saying “my favorite place”. That was in direct response to Paul’s question. He asked if someone was sitting there. The orbs have been nonstop. All of us are watching the monitors on and off. We are all in the same conclusion. These are not dust particles, bug, or orbs. Session three is about to begin.

Session Three is about to begin.
Cameron, Kody, Collin will be on the monitors.
Sondra and Nicole will be in the living room and kitchen.
Paul and I will be in the barn.