Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

8:58pm - We are currently here talking with our physic/medium. He has determined that there are is a group of entities here in this place. One in particular that he says is quite ornery. This is a little boy that is not scared of us at all. He says that he even flipped him off. He is running around stomping on the floor and bouncing all over the place.  He is picking up on entities that seem to be popping in and out. He seemed to hit the hot spots of the house without having any information on this place.

9:04pm – We still sitting around the table chit chatting about random things. Our equipment is all set up and the snow is falling outside. We have the daughter, the mother, and the father of the mother of the house. The father is also a paranormal investigator.  Okay. Seriousness……

Monitors – Cameron and Al
Upstairs – Linda, Aubrey, and Paul

Basement will be left alone for the time being. This is for a reason. We are hoping that we can get something to hit our trigger items. There is a lot of reported action down stairs.

9:23pm - We have officially begun………

We are rooting for the cat to hit the trigger item in the basement. That teddy bear has a car alarm in it. I know that is not investigating, but we enjoy a good comedy show also.

Cameron is watching things happen on the monitor, but not writing them down. Don’t worry all. He is still in training. We will teach him the ways.

9:34pm – Monitor conversation is picking up. Sorry all. I cannot put everything into writing.

9:43pm – Very loud audible growl!!!! No.. Wait…… That was a snow plow going by.

Side note that I had forgot to mention.  Before we started to investigate and we were all sitting here talking. I had something touching my face. Right after that Sondra (who was sitting right next to me.) started feeling something on the back of her neck. We did take some pictures, but we have not reviewed them yet. Not long after that Sondra picked up a whisper on her digital recorder. No back to our regularly scheduled program.

9:50pm – As I was writing that last post. Sondra was pretty excited about something. I will be asking her about it on our first break. I did hear them say that the room they are in just got really cold. New side note. There is a bat in the basement. That will be fun when we investigate down there.

10:05pn - FIRST BREAK!!!!!!! The excitement that I had posted about earlier was Sondra did receive a voice on the spirit back. The name that they heard was Joyce. Joyce is a relevant name to the family. That is Renata’s (Lady of the house) grandmothers name.
Renata came down the stairs and set off our motion detector. She jumped from the living room to the dining room very quickly. Hilarious!!!!!!

New word of the night………. SOURCASTIC!!!!!!! Ben asked if we thought he was sourcastic. I am sure that is a had to be there moment and not nearly as funny to read.  Sorry all. I will do better next time.

10:33pm – Second session begins
Monitors – Linda and Renata

Basement – Al and Cameron
Bedroom – Aubrey and Paul

Upstairs - Ben and Sondra

Second session has started and to this point all I am hearing is the sloshing of the cars going by on the road. I have not looked outside, but I am guessing that the winter storm is setting in. And there is your weather update ladies and gentlemen. 

10:53pm – We have two people on the monitors that I am sure are blowing up the digital recorders. On top of that I am not to sure how much may have happened on the monitors, but I am pretty sure they are missing it.

11:04 – We were hoping that this session was going to bring a bit more excitement. Well, that is how paranormal investigating goes. They do not just start showing themselves just because we were here. They do not care that they we are here. In some cases, you could be in the same place for night after night and only get very little if any valuable evidence. They will only show themselves when they are ready to show themselves. Side note…… At 23:09:31 we watched Al smack his head on the vent in the basement. I guess that was our excitement for that session. Paranormal investigating can be a dangerous occupation for all kinds of reasons.

Session two updates.

Upstairs – We have a report of a presence and I am still waiting to see the pictures they say that they have. Update! There is an orb in front of the cat. Very interesting picture. Sorry all. I am distracted by all the talking. We just sent Cameron upstairs to one of the bedrooms to see if he can feel a difference in that room from the others.  Otherwise there was not too much activity in this session. 

Session three…
Monitors – Ben and Paul
Bedroom – Corey and Cameron
Upstairs – Linda and Al
Basement – Sondra and Renata
Just an FYI. I am going to investigate on this session. The line will be quiet for a little while. Sorry all.

I am back! We did not get to much in the bedroom where Cameron and I were. Cameron said he felt something messing with him while he was sitting there. We both felt the room get a bit colder just before he felt this. I did capture an orb on my camera while this was taking place. Al and Linda had one hit on our periscope. I have not heard any other reports of any action from the others. Maybe as we the night goes on we might start to get better activity.

OK all…. Session four in progress.
Monitors – Al and Sondra
Basement – Cameron, Linda, and Ben
Upstairs – Paul and Renata
12:47pm Everyone is their spots and doing their thing. Sooner or later I might get a restroom break. Sorry about that small rant. Sounds like Ben is getting a bit upset about the lack of action. He is starting to provoke a little bit. Let’s hope that maybe he can get something started.

1:03pm I finally was relieved of my duties long enough for a bathroom break and a few crackers with summer sausage. MMMMMM Thank you for the snacks someone. Back to the show. I just looked over at the monitor and see Ben with only his head sticking out from the door. It looks as if there is a head floating around. Awesome! Aubrey has passed out cold in case anyone is keeping track of who is doing what. Now time for more crackers and summer sausage. Whoooo Hooooo.

Session five.
Monitors – Linda
Sondra passed out for the second straight investigation.
Upstairs – Ben and Cameron
Master bed room – Renata and AL

Basement - Corey

Conversation Got carried away. No session five. Good night all.