Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations

Let's Begin!

We have talked with Bob. The youngest daughter here can see ghost. She has questions for Bob and trying to figure out her curiosities. Bob did a great job of explaining and helping the family. The mother here can see and talk with ghosts also, and she is nervous that her daughter can’t tell the difference between what is good and bad. Bob feels that the negative entity is only mad at the mother. Bob says that the daughter is seeing and playing with her sister. The interesting thing is that the mother had a miscarriage. She did not ever know what the sex was. Bob confirmed it was a girl. Bob says that the negative entity is very angry with the mother and they are going to have a hard time getting rid of it. It will have to be the couple together to fight the entity. Bob also feels that there are three other entities here. He thinks the name is Joshua. He feels that he is very young. Between four and six years old. Bob has also explained to the daughter that she needs to keep things positive at all times. Bob also feels that the daughter has a protective animal around her. He feels that it is a German Shepard.

9:14pm first session has started. We have the daughter and Paul in the living room. Cameron and Earl are upstairs. Al and the mother are on the monitors. Nicole and Sondra are somewhere. I believe they are also upstairs. We have been told that a majority of the negative activity is upstairs in one of the bedrooms. I am in the dining room. I am in clear site of one of our monitors. While we were waiting to get started, the REM pod was going off upstairs. This happened a couple different times. Paul and the daughter notice that the periscope started going off. Paul asked it to make the all of the lights go off. It did slowly start going up. That is the first that it has went off tonight. Once the lights all went off, they have stayed off to this point. Bob just sent Al a text asking about a Michelle. Al asked the mother of the house who that might be. She was not sure who Michelle is. She said that they receive mail here for someone named Michelle every now and then, but was not too sure. Bob is seeing her here. See pic below. What do you see? If your not seeing it. Look on the wall between the door and the cabinet. See it now? Not for sure what this is, but sure is interesting.